Product Overview

VEICHI industrial HMI VI20 series , a new generation of  the IOT HMI with industrial ABS plastic shell and high reliability. The new model comes with a more practical down-cable approach and a better looking. The higher resolution models are aslo available.

With the FLink IOT module, you can upgrade the IOT HMI immediately and enjoy a complete and convenient industrial IOT cloud platform service.

Model Description

Features of the Product

HD, highlight, full viewing angle: Using high-definition, high-brightness display LCD, the maximum viewing angle reaches 170 degrees.

Support edge computing: Possess powerful embedded operating software, namely edge computing software.

  1. 300+ protocol local resolution;
  2. VPN and routing functions;
  3. Data storage function;
  4. Support MQTT;

Support Flink IOT expansion module: Remote configuration of field device data is possible through Flnk.

  1. PLC remote download;
  2. Data configuration;
  3. Historical data query;
  4. Alarm configuration;

Expansion module card slot
support module: FLink,FLink-2G(-A),FLink-4G(-A), FLink-4G(-C),FLink-WiFi(-A)

Support cloud platform Flex Cloud: Powerful SAAS platform based on B/S structure.

  1. Configuration monitoring;
  2. Map monitoring;
  3. Data report;
  4. Mobile APP;

Installation Dimension Drawing

VI20-043S-F dimensional drawings

VI20-070S-F/VI20-070S-FE dimensional drawings

VI20-101S-F/VI20-101S-FE dimensional drawings

Industrial Applications for VI20

Applications:Petroleum and natural gas, chemical pharmaceuticals and other electrical environments that require explosion protection.

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