VC Series PLC Overview

PLC is divided into several series of ultra-small, general-purpose, bus type, high-performance type, operation control type and industrial Ethernet type.

  1. The user program supports up to 16k steps.
  2. 3 channels of 100Khz pulse output.
  3. 2-channel 50Khz high-speed counting; 6-channel 10Khz high-speed counting.
  4. 1 way 232, 1 way 485.
  5. Can expand 1 way 485 through the left expansion module, support Ethernet.
  6. Support USB communication, make debugging more convenient and quick.
  7. Abundant expansion modules.
  8. Convenient firmware upgrade.

Powerful and stable performance

VEICHI small PLC has powerful functions, excellent performance, compact structure, stable and reliable, rich interfaces, and flexible combination.

VC1 series PLC port introduction

Programming software

Support multiple programming languages and their mutual conversion.

  1. Quickly set up complex command addresses, input and output parameters.
  2. Automatically generate and execute subroutines to ensure that the procedures are accurate and accurate.

Widely used and cost-effective

The VC1 series PLC is a general-purpose PLC with a small structure, powerful functions, and extremely high-cost performance. It can be widely used in machine manufacturing industries such as machine tools, textiles, packaging, plastic steel, air conditioners, elevators, and printing.

Industrial Applications for VC Series PLC

Applications:Machine tool, packaging, printing, textile and other industries.

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