AP100 Series PMSM Air Compressor Purpose VFD Overview

AP100 air compressor implements remote monitoring of the air compressor on-site application status. GPRS wireless transmission technology, intelligent fault detection, SMS notification. During operation, the magnetic field of the motor can be directly monitored, and early warning can be made to reduce the probability of loss of magnetization of the motor.

  1. Three-in-one design to meet the various needs of customers.
  2. High protection level, strong environmental adaptability.
  3. Perfectly drive synchronous and asynchronous screw compressors of various types.
  4. Intelligent IOT, real-time remote monitoring of air compressor field application conditions.
  5. The intelligent energy-saving vector control algorithm, small current, large output, and energy saving.
  6. Double predictive motor demagnetization mechanism to prevent irreversible demagnetization of the motor.
  7. Fuzzy PI algorithm, fast voltage regulation, fast response, no overshoot.
  8. The fuzzy PI algorithm, fast voltage regulation, fast response, no overshoot.

New dark gray shape, details show quality

  1. The dark gray metal shell with black stripes is simple and elegant.
  2. The humanized air duct design is convenient for disassembly, cleaning, and maintenance, and the heat dissipation effect is enhanced.

Highly integrated, multiple functions in one

  1. Three-in-one design of the main engine, fan, and oil temperature fan.
  2. VEICHI AP100 integrates air compressor control technology, which is convenient for wiring.
  3. Using TI high-performance DSP chip, more reliable and less noise.

High protection level, no oil pollution

  1. The high degree of protection, anti-oil, metal powder, and high temperature caused by cotton wool.
  2. It can be applied to harsh sites such as machine tools, textiles, and stone.

The energy-saving vector control algorithm

  1. Under the air supply pressure, the operating current is small, the output is large, and the energy-saving is excellent.
  2. In response to current high-frequency operation requirements, VEICHI AP100 has a 600Hz vector control algorithm.
  3. The fuzzy PI algorithm, no overshoot, fast voltage regulation.

Intelligent IOT, all in the cloud

  1. Real-time remote monitoring of the on-site application of the air compressor.
  2. GPRS wireless transmission technology, intelligent fault detection, SMS notification.
  3. Support functions such as remote switch on/off, appointment lock, and maintenance information query.

Detect the motor magnetic field to avoid demagnetization

  1. VEICHI AP100 can directly detect the motor magnetic field during operation.
  2. Early warning in case of possible loss of magnetism, reducing the probability of motor loss of magnetism.
  3. It has a motor temperature detection function to prevent PMSM from being irreversibly demagnetized due to overheating.

Industrial Applications for AP100 Series PMSM Air Compressor Purpose VFD

Applications:Pneumatic and pneumatic control, air drive and participation in chemical reactions, etc.

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